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Week 9 – Master Key 2015 – Love it!


Have I told you lately that I love this Master Key journey?  I greet this day with love in my heart – we are at the end of this Scroll II month… I feel as if I am saying good-bye to a friend.  As I think about the idea or sentence or paragraph to transfer to read with Scroll III I am you 101

Some of us have heard it a million and one times; others of us haven’t heard it nearly enough.  Stop and think about it though – I love you – when someone says it to you did you believe it?

In addbaby smiling in mirrorition to reading the Greatest Salesman Scroll II this gratitude month we have been saying to ourselves while looking in the mirror at least once a day “I Love You” – looking myself in the eye.  I am humbled to report that I am loved – what a gift.  Can you give to others what you do not possess?  If you do not let love in – can you truly give it to anyone?  I don’t think so.

Then we add Week 9 – I struggled last week with the sit, (still working on the reverse it back from Week 8) and two biggies first the Fab D revealed her tattoo on her foot a couple of weeks ago – I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and linda hogan result of love of thousandsHappy – I looked at it and said I’d need to add healthy and joyful … this is before I read this week… I can get behind the above being complete for me just the way it is when I read Week 9 the first time I immediately ran through aloud Jay is, Sebastian is, and so on for about 25 people that are closest to me before I finished reading the whole reading because it hit me BAM! This is truly service of the highest import.  If you haven’t taken the time to Affirm for someone that you love this amazing world changing rubbing of sunset arm heartthe magic lamp – Do It Now!

The question from this weeks reading I had is, Charles Haanel, hi my name is Natalie and I am happy – even when I am in pain.  Did Haanel not know people who were happy despite pain; is this just a rabbit hole or do I need to T&GR Master Mind and introduce Haanel to painfully happy me. (My Scroll I carry over – Nature made no provision for my body to tolerate pain; neither has it made any provision for my life to suffer failure.  Failure like pain is alien to my life).

I had a section of several paragraphs about Scroll II and what I’m thinking about transferring to Scroll III – they are floating free in some Inner World or Lost World and lets suffice it to say – I greet this day with love – and I succeed (Mental Diet still intact).  Thank you for joining me on this journey – I love you.  You are Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy now just think about that :).

seek love be love bryant mcgill

Week 8 -Master Key 2015 – Relax

16 i_relax_and_enjoy_life  Here we are in week 8 of the Master Key Experience #ThereIsNothingLikeIt! I have loved the experience.  I’ve gone with it, the readirise-and-grind1ng (Og, Haanel, Emerson, Fox), the blogging, the tweeting, the webinaring, the allianceing, the gal in glassing, the serving, the index carding, the in the flowing, the color/shaping, the keeping the promising, the mental dieting, the no opinioning, the recording, the blueprint buildering,  and PPN-DMPing been there loved that.  no cheating the grind

My body like many others has rebelled (I thought I was alone, nope big ol’ crowd of us) I had a get sick habitual reaction and that coupled with learning from the experiences of others has given me pause.  To reflect how much I actually need to change in my life to get where I want to be.  I created this life – I Am creating the life I want – this is exciting!

You, who are familiar with this Master Key Experience may have noticed I left out a BIG component of MKMMA – The Sitting. I thought I had the 415_child_meditationsitting down – seriously I can sit, and sit, and sit – visualize, no problem – have a conversation, fogettaboutit – create an ideal, I’m there – see what you want, yep I got that – I have imagination in spades.  Hold a thought, sure – still thought, got it – relax….. que tire screeching noise.

I relax. Sure I do – in my mind – so if I’m relaxing my mind (and I thought my body) again and again daily andjust breathe I’ve been doing it for decades why the h3ll is my body so Not RElaxeD?

On Sunday’s webinar a couple things jumped out at me and stayed jumped out … the practices in the sits are cumulative … no worries I got this …

3-30 The Master Keys

Physical relaxation is a voluntary exercise of the will and the exercise will be found to be of great value, as it enables he blood to circulate freely to and from the brain and body.

The practices are cumulative … practice the voluntary exercise of physical relaxation … see your ideal … what am I not getting here – this is obviously a previously unknown or unacknowledged old blueprintism.

Interestingly enough, this discovery of myself comes along with the first sit that has not come to me easily.  Nope, not easy this is a stretch … I’m up for it but I have no experience with battleships – other than the game of Battleship and rarely have I exclaimed, “You sunk my battleship!” (did you know that there isn’t a commissioned “battleship” in the U.S. Navy today).  If hqdefaultyou are currently in the Master Keys go listen to Mark J’s reading of Week 8 and his insights with this sit and your DMP – fascinating!

I feel like I did back in high school with the what was the author thinking and feeling when this was written questions, oh, but multiply that by the thousands of individuals involved each and every aspect of the srabbit holehip, it’s planning, it’s funding, the raw materials and the acquisition of each – and relax while you do this.  I feel another rabbit hole coming – I was wrong there have been several rabbit holes the Sitting exercise this week has lead me into.

Let me list just a few … why is my body not relaxed? (Biggie), can you imagine the implications of tracking back with Universal connection the original motivations and how they relate to you anything you are involved in – find the Emersonians say no to Carlylites, it has lead me to my next set of books – Dr. Lissa Rankin Mind over Medicine – The Fear Cure and The Anatomy of a Calling – wow on the reticular activation system, she’s talking about Campbell’s Heroes Journey and the Limbic mind (the Monkey Mind – the Reptile Mind); led me to some memory strategies, Thankzen-meditation-quotes Jim Kwik.  Are redheads really just blondes with high blood pressure?  How do I get the outcome of a relaxed body and mind without the finite ordering the infinite – if nature made no provision for my body to tolerate pain – what do I replace this habit with – does it really just all come down to love?   Have I done my best?  Why does my body act like the whole world is a stick – seriously?  Am I focusing on the wrong stuff?  And how did I miss it was the Diet tab in Alliances area we are to comment in … Hmmm.relax frog

I think I’ll just sit here for a few Hours … days … Don’t bother me I’m learning to do new things in my Inner World – Cool I’ll get this 🙂  Think a relaxing thought.zen_meditation_funny_cat_and_ego



Week 7 – Master Key 2015 – Words Made Flesh

Master Keys 5-7. The idea seemed plausible, the conscious received it, passed it on to the subconscious, where it was taken up by the Sympathetic System and passed on to be built into our physical body. “The word has become flesh.”

    Power-of-WordsThis is a concept I have been bouncing around in my mind for years – what we say to ourselves, the words we think create our reality.  In a very real way.  Read the Master Keys, Wattles, Hill, The Bible this is not a challenging concept.  Words-Have-Power

We believe an idea – the subconscious takes it and turns the idea into our reality.

Great maybe you like me have looked at your reality and said – hmmm, I’m looking for something more, something different – I want a Change.

Okay so we decide we want to Change – lose weight, quit smoking, get a words_have_the_powerrelationship, better a relationship, change the world.  So let’s go back to our Masters Formula – believe an idea – subconscious makes the idea flesh – reality.

No where in this simple formula does it mention that change is hard, takes time, will be a Sisyphean (rolling a rock uphill – forever) or Herculean task.  So why is it only Heroes Change?

Could it be because our subconscious – The Universe – makes things hard when we use the words that change will be hard or difficult?  This idea came to me when I was listening to a native Portuguese speaker give a talk on Change – he said the word with a soft CH (SHange) rather than a hard CH (Change) and a little voice said everything that is hard in your life is hard because you made it hard.  It’s so deceptively simple that even the Masters through artifice or oversight even talk about hard work – hard mental work – our words have power – did they like us make work and Change harder?  The Universe doesn’t understand size – does it also have a sense of humor and give us the hard we believed in and asked for?

So I decided then to Shange my life – somewhere along my path I forgot this concept.  In going through the Master Keys it bubbled up in a sit.  I’m letting my light shine and saying I’m Shanging for the better – I invite you to Shange with me 🙂

P.S. I’m feeling great – Think a Shhhh soft thought

change your life

Week 6 – Master Key 2015 Three Strikes and The Old’s Out

seriously get outSo here we are in week 6 of the Master Key Experience, I wish I could say here we all are, but some of us have given up on themselves, used the time or difficulty excuse – but how about the oldie but goody; is going to kill me?

what afraid ofLittle bit of background … while this is my first MKMMA – it is the third experience I’ve had with Mark & Co. with DMP’s and PPNs the first two as Think & Grow Rich Experiences; on each of these occasions all is going well; stretching making positive changes beginning to understand and like what I’m doing and then … like a clockwork Week 6.  The Fab D asked about inexplicable experiences I don’t think she anticipated this inexplicable experience.  In each of the three experiences during Week 6 I get sick – in an excruciatingly painful manner … to put it in base and vulgar terminology Week 6 SUCKS for me.

In the first two experiences it was; Shingles, shingles (in my eyes and ears – ugh!) messed with my pain coping processes.  Beyond feeling like acid being poured into mbig change are you afraidy nerves; my nerves and their brisk startle responses off the charts touchy.  I spent hours in Chapter 4 of T&GR – Autosuggestion; thousands upon thousands of times a day positive suggestion that I’m healthy; that my body is strong; my body is able to overcome any illness it faces – again and again and from past experience I know that my body is strong and can overcome everything that has been thrown at it (see UnAbridged Natalie Z for the in depth story).  Knowing that it’s going to be alright AND at the same time having the strength and focus to write a new blueprint are sometime Worlds apart.  Two T&GR experiences two shingles excuses.

So here we are Week 6.

if noyIt started out like all the rest of the weeks of this experience; bright full of hope and Monday BAM! my vision changes (I thought great more shingles ramifications) I am having trouble seeing to read – then swelling in my eye and pain oh the pain.  Redness, swelling – it’s rough but I can handle it… I have most of the aspects of the daily grind memorized … struggling through the Scroll II (because I LOVE it!) the Master Keys ugh!  Then I remember audios of Master Keys and Emerson’s Compensation on the way to the ER last night – couldn’t get into thejust live Dr. until next week and I have a thin hold on my fear of death.  So blogging, not about what I planned (I’ll post it at a later time) – yep getting sick stinks – getting sick enough that my fear of death starts not just whispering in my ear but has a whole section of reserved seating in my brain (last weeks voices had nothing on these voices).  No longer just whispering yelling like major Pats fans.  Illness in Week 6 – I was out twice before, but not this time; old blueprint of run and focus on notips afraid of successthing but health – not a lot of balance in life there, I know.

This time yes the inexplicable Week 6 Sucks – I’m Sick, again, but this time I’m breaking the cycle with what I’m focusing on – and no it’s not on the suckyness of being sick even though the blog post to this point isn’t clear on this point but what is changed is my focus – the bigger picture; the daily grind, the feeling like I am still going to do my best, the humbling change socratesacknowledgment that yep I probably not only have brisk nerves, but I also have a fear of death.  I also have the 7 Laws of the Mind (so glad we put those on our DMP before this week) that are playing key positions in my magnification of the life I want and it’s cool enough that I’m willing to once and for all say yep, I’m probably not getting out of this life alive, but I can certainly get out of this life what I’m willing to put effort and time into – I Can Be What I Will To Be! I will to be healthy, I will to be whole, I will to be so excited about all the shapes and colors and scrolls and wonder of the Universal and the true ‘I’ that I always keep my promises and use my focus to digging in and by whatever means necessary thriving and growing in the MKMMA and once and for all kicking this fear in the teeth (and sticking a finger in it’s eye, oh wait that’s my eye I’m sticking my finger in to put the meds on) and rather than resisting I’ll relax; I’ll turn from it that it will have no power over me; no power in my life because I give power to those things that give the greatest good to the greatest number.

I ask you for kind thoughts and prayers of healing and a spare moChange-Quotes-17ment for sending me all the best medicine – you know baby giggles, snuggling with puppies and kitties, great big belly laughs, big bear hugs, happy tears (and clearing tear ducts), singing in the shower and in the rain, old friends and new friends because I’m worth it and I have a lot to improve and an amazing life of growth and sharing, and more than 20 weeks left to go in this MKMMA experience.

I’m changing – and Week 6 Suckyness you’re outta here!  Seriously, looking forward to Week 7.  Think a healthy thought ;).

Week 5 – Master Key 2015 – The Voices in My Head


So for a couple of weeks I’ve found that words fail me so the videos of others I let suffice.  A weekly blog when you are in the middle of a serious demo and rebuild and tend to run hot, fast, and deep is let me see if I can be crystal clear – a Serious Pain in my Head.  I’ve been keeping a running journal, however, maybe memoirs after time and distance have lent a different perspective.

Let me catch you up very quickly – I love – Love – LOVE – the Master Keys, it speaks to understanding and knowledge my soul knows to be true.  thumbs up strawberry      The Scroll Marked I, I have written on my heart and I’m excited to turn the next page on Sunday.  I’m at peace and Gustoing my DMP – I’ve changed up my PPNs.  I’ve sat for hours and hours (sitting still while relaxed and it’s amazing!) – my cards and colors I do happily with child-like enthusiasm … but, my big girl brain struggles analyzing them … thanks hubby (love you bunches) on that front.  I tweet only as directed, but aspire to become a Social Media Master – maybe later.  Overall, I’m getting into happy place with this whole World Within Master Key Experience and give it a big thumbs up, and then there are those little things that are literally about to drive me to drink – not just a Dr. Pepper either.

prime directive  I get the whole Prime Directive – We shall not interfere – I really do, but if one more guide pats me on my head and blows smoke up my skirt to express that I’m a great participant and I should get a participation star.  Or gets all blue on me in general I may just go red all over them  (Please see Natalie Z the UnAbridged Version).

I am asking a question for a reason… deflecting it back with a what do you think … or you need to just do what Haanel says and then you’ll understand (as if I hadn’t been doing what Haanel says prior to asking the question, ugh!) … and most of all Calgon take me away from the dreaded relax – and like magic and glitter farting unicorns a dawning of rainbows and butterflies will find you with mystic understanding and you’ll wonder why you asked in the first place, seriously?  I’m having less issues with the niggles causing the freaking questions than the unharmonious old blueprint response to the answers the guides are giving!

pat the redhead day

To be clear – the above picture may be what the guides are thinking is going on, but that picture is not a picture of me.  Sorry not sorry, your opinion of what I’m asking maybe off a little bit, but the opinion ya’ll offer as to what I should believe is an adequate response from you holds zero sway or influence in my life … still waiting for a thoughtful, thought provoking response.  Send me a freaking red please tell me directly – we’ve all struggled with different parts of this process and we said we are going to do our dangdest not to influence you, but when I struggled I did XYZ see if it helps.  Or redder yet, we aren’t going to answer to your satisfaction but what you think about Grows so use the Laws and don’t make a niggle a mountain.

At this point, I’m not going to even broach the don’t give your opinion for the next several weeks assignment … your welcome 😉 Think a happy thought


Week 4 – Master Key 2015 – Connections

Hello beautiful reader

repeat after me

I do not follow the above line of belief.  Nope not for me, likely not for you either, the faux freedom.  Awaken, I’m journeying to the World Within to change my future – I’ve said that before, right?

Searching for my life’s purpose, my Chopraesque Dharma, my Ikigai.

ikigaiHere’s a great feel good quickie about one’s Ikigai – think beautiful thoughts 😉